The History BehindScott CPAs


Our Mission is to be the leader in excellence and integrity in the delivery of accounting, tax and consulting services. We firmly believe excellence in service begins with consistency of character, carefully planned goals, and integrity of action.  We provide Tax, Accounting, Assurance and Consulting services to businesses and individuals.  We believe making wise business decisions, is making wise partnership decisions, we seek to be the firm you look back with a smile of satisfaction and confidently look to the future with us by your side.

 We deeply believe that the quality and tenacity we apply in servicing our clients will be rooted in the integrity of character our team members possess. From new hire to Board President, quality of character is a non-negotiable resource our Team members must possess.  We put tandem emphasis in our team members technical skill enhancement and excellence of character, believing that both working in harmony produce the finest outcomes for our clients.  


Our Team


David Scott


Mark Scott


Tim Galica

Director of Tax

Andrea Enke

Director of Accounting

Rileyann Sexton

Firm Administrator

Core Values

As our Founder, Rick Scott (1944-2015) has provided leadership principles, our second generation has provided enhancements to our firm principles and values in our simply stated, Core Values. Core Values are the guiding beliefs in a more briefly and essentially arranged presentation. These are non-negotiable possessions of each of our team members, and alignment with these is critical to health of the team.  We use the acronym “GRIT” to easily remind us and others that would benefit of the importance of these character qualities and beliefs. 


We will display courage, resolve, resilience, and strength of character