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Scott CPAs provides a wide range of accounting services to help support your needs.  It is important that we match our services to the specific needs of each business to ensure future goals are achieved.  Our accounting services are split between five categories:

Businesses depend on having accurate and timely closed books to make decisions for future planning. Scott CPAs is here to help with that. Our write up services offer you the flexibility to take on the tasks that you want.

Write up services can be completed in monthly, quarterly, or annual increments and our level of support can change to suit your business needs.

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Client Accounting Solutions

Client accounting solutions can take the place of your entire internal accounting staff. This service is designed for companies that need it all including bill pay, payroll, monthly accounting, and CFO services. Outsourcing this service can save a company the expensive monthly cost of having a robust internal accounting team while also providing the piece of mind that you will have seasoned experienced accountants handling all aspects of your accounting, payroll, cash flow, and planning.

Back Office & Payroll Support

Back Office and Payroll support provides assistance for the day to day accounting functions of paying bills and running payroll. These task can be very time consuming and draining on a small business owner’s day. Let us work with you to ensure your bills are paid, payroll is processed and all employer tax payments and tax filings are completed on your behalf.

Bookkeeping Training & Assistance

Have you just started a new business or hired a new inhouse bookkeeper? Maybe you have a more experienced inhouse accountant that might need to reach out from time to time with a specialized question. This service is meant to handle each of these scenarios. Scott CPAs can help you set up your accounting file, schedule one-on-one or group trainings on the basics of accounting, and be ready to answer any technical question your internal accounting staff may have.

Financial Statement Preparation and Assurance Services

There are many reasons a CPA issued financial statement may be needed. Investors, creditors, government licensing agencies, etc. all may request financial statements that provide a certain level of assurance that a company’s financials represent the true financial position of the company. We can work with your lender, banker, investor or shareholder to ensure we match the level of assurance needed and provide financials that offer a true representation of your company.