Scott CPAs has an experienced full-service tax team that has the capacity to handle your unique or common tax issues. Our tax team will work closely with you or your representative, to determine the best tax outcome available that aligns with your other strategic business goals and financial situation. Whether your business is organized as a corporation, partnership, LLC or sole proprietorship, we have the experience to handle all of your tax needs, as well as the ability to handle all of your individual tax matters.

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Scott CPAs considers tax planning to be one of the most important services we offer our clients, and often where the largest benefit to our clients are realized. We approach tax planning proactively with the idea that tax results should be determined well prior to a required tax filing. We prefer to touch base with our clients on an ongoing basis throughout the year to provide optimal tax results.


Scott CPAs offers a wide range of tax consulting services. Our tax consulting engagements can be very high level, or very detailed depending on the unique circumstances of the business or individual. Tax consulting engagements give you the ability to communicate tax ideas and issues to our qualified staff on an as needed basis. We regularly consult on business sales, entity design and structure as well as tax consulting for capital expenditures and other major decisions.


Tax preparation and compliance is a necessary task for most businesses and individuals.  We work to ensure we are equipped with the most up to date tools and staff to ensure this process is as seamless as possible for you.  Our common goal with income tax preparation is to prepare your taxes using the Internal Revenue Code to your benefit whenever possible, and to ensure the best tax outcomes available.